Success story incoming! The United States is not the only country giving out life-changing jackpots. Gerry Brown was the winner of the €175,000,000 EuroMillions jackpot back in 2019! That definitely qualifies as a life changing amount of cash, but the Irishman claimed he would not be making any major life-changing decisions because he was perfectly happy in life before his newfound fortune. So instead of diving headfirst into a world of luxury, Gerry had a different vision in mind—one that involved two wheels. 

World Bike Day: The Gerry Brown Story

Today marks World Bike Day, and we can imagine this day is held near and dear to Gerry Brown’s heart. When Gerry’s lucky numbers aligned, and the €175,000,000 jackpot was his, he had a very modest request—he just wanted a new bike. To be specific, “one of the best bikes you can buy” said Gerry in an interview on Sean O’Rourke’s radio show. 

To Gerry, the best bike you can buy meant spending at least €20,000, having the best tires possible, and a stable base. He planned on continuing his weekly bike rides with all his friends, but this time having the best bike out of all of them. He enjoys a simple life, having lunch with his buddies after cycling upwards of 50 kilometers. Not only that, but he planned on making charitable donations and setting up his grandchildren for success with the rest of his riches.

World Bike Day: Gerry Brown's Lottery Win and Love for Biking

The cherry on top to this story is that winning the jackpot was a family effort. As a whole, the family would collectively play 14 euros worth of lottery games with hopes of winning one day. When that day came, he was selfless enough to share his winnings with his entire family to make sure everyone got to feel that thrill of winning.

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