For many lottery players, the age-old question persists: is it better to let fate decide through Quick Pick, or to trust in one’s intuition and manually select numbers?

Quick Pick: Embracing Randomness

Quick Pick, also known as Auto Pick, relies on computer algorithms to randomly generate lottery numbers on behalf of the player. With a simple press of a button, players can obtain a set of numbers chosen entirely by chance, devoid of any human bias or preference.

Manual Selection: Trusting Intuition

On the flip side, manual selection empowers players to handpick their own numbers based on personal significance, lucky digits, or even strategic patterns. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, or a sequence that resonates on a gut level, manual selection adds a touch of personalization to the lottery experience.

How to Choose

When purchasing a lottery ticket, opting for Quick Pick involves selecting the respective option on the ticket machine or informing the retailer of your preference. Conversely, manually selecting numbers entails filling out a lottery play slip with your chosen digits before submitting it for processing.

Quick Pick vs. Manual Selection For Lottery Games

The Great Debate: Which is Better?

The argument about whether Quick Pick or choosing your own numbers is better keeps going, and people on both sides feel strongly about it. Those who like it say it’s fair and random, while people who prefer picking their own numbers believe in their gut feelings and connections to the numbers they choose.

The Odds

Statistically speaking, there is no definitive evidence to suggest that one method of number selection yields higher winning probabilities than the other. Lottery outcomes are inherently random, and whether numbers are chosen by machine or by hand, the odds of winning remain unchanged. 

Fun Facts

  • Surprisingly, a significant portion of lottery jackpot winners have opted for Quick Pick rather than manually selecting numbers.
  • In a study conducted by lottery officials, Quick Pick numbers were found to be more prevalent among jackpot-winning tickets than manually chosen numbers.

Choose Either Way With TuLotero

In the end, whether you choose Quick Pick or manual selection boils down to personal preference, superstition, and perhaps a sprinkle of faith in the whims of chance. When you get your lottery tickets on the TuLotero app, both options are available to you. TuLotero also notifies you if your number combination was a lucky one! Never miss out on jackpots or your winnings when you play online with TuLotero. Good luck!


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