TuLotero has made its mark as the market leader in mobile lottery with presence in Spain and Mexico. After much success, we are now broadening our horizons into the USA, offering the best service, guaranteeing the most demanding international standards in security, bank transactions and data protection.

Our mission is to revitalize the lottery market. We aim to help lotteries to offer more opportunities and benefits to their consumers by adapting themselves to the 21st century consumer habits. An innovative business model with plenty of new features for the users is what awaits you with the TuLotero App.

Join today and play America´s favorite games and draws at any time, any place with ease and convenience.

Our History

One Saturday night we wanted to buy a lottery ticket, but it was impossible to do quickly and simply! Besides, if our grandparents used to carry their tickets folded in their wallet, why couldn’t we  carry them in our Smartphones? This is how TuLotero was born. 

Let’s keep making things simple and may good fortune stay with us for life!

Our security is YOUR SECURITY

In TuLotero, we use 100% secure systems. We successfully pass periodic controls and audits to guarantee the security of our systems and that of our customers. TuLotero guarantees the security of transactions and all related data by working exclusively with top-level banking, credit payment and audit entities. We comply with the strictest data protection regulations (Spanish Data Protection Agency, in line with EU standards). This page and its products are intended exclusively for users of legal age. The registration of minors under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. Please play responsibly!

Our Advantages

  1. A lottery ticket bought with TuLotero costs the same as stopping by your regular gas station, grocery store, or wherever you buy your lottery tickets.
  2. Once saved in your account, you never lose your tickets.
  3. Open every day: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  4. Full payment of prizes under $600 without any commission, quickly and easily.
  5. Immediate information on your results, jackpots and prizes.
  6. 100% SAFE. Endorsed by first level banking entities.
  7. More chances to win: development of statistical tools for random plays and bets.
  8. Many more developments to come!

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