Mega Millions is a lottery game that is straightforward to play, but still packs in a load of excitement. Boasting high jackpots, Mega Millions has the power to change players’ lives if they hit the lucky numbers. For a small amount upfront, you could win multi million dollars. But, how much does a Mega Millions ticket cost?

How much does a Mega Millions Ticket Cost?

Each Mega Millions ticket costs $2. With the $2 ticket, you simply pick your numbers yourself or let fate decide for you with the quick pick option.

Mega Millions Ticket Cost: Megaplier

There is an option to add the Mega Millions Megaplier feature for an additional $1. This would bring your total ticket price to $3. The Megaplier will multiply your non-jackpot prizes by up to five times. Keep in mind that this special feature is not available in all participating jurisdictions.

How To Play

In summary, you pick 5 different numbers from 1 to 70, these are the base white balls. Then you will pick a number from 1 to 25, this is the gold Mega Ball. Match all 6 numbers and you win the big jackpot prize! It’s as easy as can be, and playing online with TuLotero makes it even easier!

How Much Does A Mega Millions Ticket Cost?

Just the Jackpot

If you are only aiming for the highest jackpot amount then this special feature is right up your alley! Just the Jackpot is an offer that allows you to receive two plays for the jackpot only, for a price of $3. When you play Just the Jackpot, keep in mind that you are not eligible for any other prize levels, even if they are drawn. This is only available in select states.

Prize Levels

You can still win big even if it is not the highlighted jackpot. Mega Millions can be won in a total of nine ways.

  • 5 white balls + gold Mega Ball = Jackpot Prize 
  • 5 white balls = $1,000,000
  • 4 white balls + gold Mega Ball = $10,000
  • 4 white balls = $500
  • 3 white balls + gold Mega Ball = $200
  • 3 white balls = $10
  • 2 white balls + gold Mega Ball =$10
  • 1 white ball + gold Mega Ball = $4
  • The gold Mega Ball = $2

Ditch the lines, play online!

Now that you know Mega Millions ticket cost, do you have a phone and 30 seconds? That’s what you need to play Mega Millions online with TuLotero.

TuLotero is a mobile application available in the app store or on the web. Start playing your favorite games anywhere, anytime. With real time results and our user-friendly technology, your lottery tickets will be safe and never lost.

We wish you good luck!


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