Every year on June 18th, sushi lovers around the globe come together to celebrate International Sushi Day, honoring the artistry and flavors of this beloved Japanese cuisine. But for those seeking an extra touch of luxury, there are rare and delicious sushi pieces that promise an unforgettable dinner. Warning: be prepared to become hungry as you read on! 

1. Sukiyabashi Jiro – Tokyo, Japan

Most Expensive Sushi: Otoro Nigiri
Price: $300 per piece

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Sukiyabashi Jiro is renowned as one of the world’s finest sushi restaurants. Helmed by the legendary sushi master Jiro Ono, this Michelin-starred establishment offers the Otoro Nigiri, featuring the prized fatty tuna belly sourced from the finest fish markets in Japan. With its melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavor, each bite of Otoro Nigiri is rich in flavor, and in price. 

2. Masa – New York City, USA

Most Expensive Sushi: Golden Toro Maki Roll
Price: $450 per roll

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Masa is a culinary gem. Chef Masa Takayama curates a menu that showcases the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Among its standout offerings is the Golden Toro Maki Roll, featuring premium toro wrapped in edible gold leaf and served with a delicate drizzle of truffle-infused soy sauce. Each bite gives your taste buds royal treatment. 

International Sushi Day: Finest and Rarest Creations

3. Kyubey – Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Most Expensive Sushi: Uni (Sea Urchin) Nigiri
Price: $250 per piece

Situated in the upscale neighborhood of Ginza, Kyubey is a sushi institution that has been serving upscale sushi for generations. With its commitment to quality and tradition, Kyubey offers an entire sushi experience that highlights what is Japanese culinary artistry. Among its offerings is the Uni Nigiri, featuring the rarest and most prized sea urchin sourced from Hokkaido. Known for its creamy texture and delicate briny flavor, each piece of Uni Nigiri is an ode to the luxuries our oceans can provide. 

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