The months are soaring by and in no time, the 2023 holidays will be welcomed with joy. It will be time to put up the Christmas tree, bake cookies, build gingerbread houses, light the Menorah, reflect on the year and much more. As we become settled in our own traditions, let’s take a look into some holiday traditions from different countries that people look forward to all year. 

Countries and Their Holiday Traditions 


We’ve all heard of soap and wood carving; but Mexico puts a unique twist on the art of carving. Every year on December 23rd, Noche de los Rabanos (Night of the Radishes) takes place in Oaxaca City. Participants use radishes as their medium to carve into amazing sculptures which are then put on display in the Christmas market for all to see and vote for a winner. The winner receives a generous cash prize, just in time for holiday purchases. The radish carvings act as centerpieces during their Christmas dinner. Maybe you can do both pumpkin carving and radish carving this season! 


Iceland embraces simplicity and charm into their holiday traditions. Jolabokaflod (Christmas Book Flood) falls on Christmas Eve and is a time for families to take a step back from the craziness that holidays can sometimes bring. Icelandic families exchange books and chocolate to each other and take the night to relax, unwind, and read their new book in peace. What a cozy and sweet holiday tradition! 

Discover Unique Holiday Traditions Around the World for 2023


Entering a new year is a hopeful time for many. Some see it as a fresh start to make the changes they want in their life, some see it as a time to reflect on the year full of gratuity. In the Philippines, they start off their new year with a holiday tradition of manifesting good luck. By displaying 12 round fruits on their table, they are attracting good luck and fortune. The round shape is meant to represent gold and silver from the old days. Twelve, representing each month of the year. Whether it is good luck in money, friendships, relationships, it is a simple yet meaningful holiday tradition. 


Spanish friends and family gather every December 22nd to eagerly listen to a choir of children sing the winning lottery numbers, with hopes they match the ones they are holding in their hands. “El Gordo” literally translates to “The Fat One” is the largest lottery draw in the world, and the beauty of it- it’s designed for sharing! It is common for an entire small town to choose the same lottery numbers so if they are the big winners they can all reap the benefits together. Spain’s extremely popular holiday tradition encompasses everything about “sharing is caring!” 

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Don’t forget to gather your 12 round fruits for the extra dose of good luck when you play! 


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