Mike Weirsky, an unemployed 54 year old from New Jersey won the Mega Millions jackpot a few years ago. This almost never happens!

After buying a Mega Millions ticket on a Thursday night, he forgot it at the convenience store in Phillipsburg while checking his phone. However, a good samaritan found the forgotten ticket and returned it to the Quick Check where Weisky bought it for safekeeping. After realizing he had left the ticket behind, Weisky went back to the store and once there, after the store employees asked him about his numbers, it was returned and lucky him! That same night he turned out to be the $273 million jackpot winner.

How Mike Weirsky changed his life thanks to a stranger

Weisky didn’t even realize he had the winning ticket until two days later. When he checked the numbers, he couldn’t believe it was true! He went out to a nearby store during a snowstorm to scan the ticket because he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Mike Weirsky, the man won $273 million thanks to a stranger!

He decided to take the lump sum payment of $162.5 million, instead of the annual payments and with the prize Mike said he wanted to buy a new pickup truck, a car for his mother and maybe start a business. But for now, he wanted to “sit back and enjoy the money”.

Mike Weirsky got divorced the year before winning the jackpot, and had been a stay-at-home husband for 15 years. After looking for a job for almost a year, Weisky hadn’t received any calls for interviews. “I was down, now I’m way up!”, he said.

Mike’s numbers were 29, 33, 39, 60, 66 and the Mega Ball of 21. These numbers weren’t just lucky for him, but also to the store that sold it, which received a $30,000 prize for selling the winning ticket.

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  1. Willie Edwards 21 de septiembre de 2023 at 16:36 - Reply

    Some one call me is this a joke????

    • TuLotero 22 de septiembre de 2023 at 00:33 - Reply

      Hello! We are TuLotero. If you are registered in the app, it is possible that the Customer Service Department has contacted you to help you with your account. If you have any doubts, you can contact us at contact@tulotero.com or 833-TLOTERO (856-8376) 🍀

  2. Rebecca Henderson 24 de septiembre de 2023 at 20:37 - Reply

    Just a heads up to Mike Weirsky like so many before once it is mentioned in the news that you won the lotto, some scammer comes along and uses your information. I received a text tonight that I was a lucky winner that Mike chose to give $1 million to. This is not the first time this is happened to me and it is very unfortunate. That people will use you in this way and scam people who might not know any better. Congratulations to you Mike and I am happy for you. I hope that you do great things with your winnings. Just thought you might want to know , as if there is someway for you to let others know who might not know any better. God will surely favor you and bless you even more.

    • Marcus Aurelius 22 de mayo de 2024 at 20:29 - Reply

      29, 33, 39, 60, 66 and the Mega Ball of 21

  3. Johnny Price 2 de octubre de 2023 at 03:15 - Reply

    I have a new follower on my I stagram account who claims to be Mike how do I know if it’s the real Mike or a scammer and why would someone try to get others hopes up like that I’m a 2 x cancer survivor and barely get by I’m so unsure and uncertain of how to behave

  4. Stacy 2 de octubre de 2023 at 23:43 - Reply

    Same Scam .. a guy with the same name sent a message saying I was the winner of 30k via Mike Wiersky. Even called … it’s crazy how folks prey on the uninformed

  5. avenue17 12 de marzo de 2024 at 18:09 - Reply

    Thanks for the valuable information. I have used it.

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