National Employee Appreciation Day has arrived and with many compelling reasons to stay in your job, would you risk it all if you won the lottery? Imagine living a weekend lifestyle every day of your life. Be the boss of yourself this Employee Appreciation Day when you take home the Mega Millions jackpot. 

National Employee Appreciation Day & Mega Millions Friday

Pursue Personal Passions 

Winning the lottery can offer the financial freedom to pursue personal passions and interests that may not have been feasible while working a traditional job. New experiences like taking a sabbatical, booking the flight ticket for a trip you have always dreamed of, or moving to a different area can enrich lives and provide a refreshed sense of fulfillment. 

Create A Legacy

Using jackpot winnings to create a better life for everyone around you will make a lasting impact. Investing and donating to causes that you believe in will leave you feeling an immense amount of fulfillment that a traditional job may not have led you to feel. 

National Employee Appreciation Day & Mega Millions Friday

Start Your Own Business 

Circling back to being your own boss. If you are not ready to give up the daily work grind, consider using the Mega Millions jackpot money to invest in your dream business plan. Create work opportunities for others and contribute to the economy positively. 

National Employee Appreciation Day and TuLotero

The camaraderie and workplace respect you earn when working an everyday job is priceless to some people. One activity that is fun and interactive is discussing with your coworkers what they would do if they ever won the Mega Millions or Powerball lottery. You can learn a lot about their aspirations, thoughts and opinions on the subject. Make it extra sweet by sharing the word that those hopes and dreams are just a click away when they play on TuLotero. Would you consider sharing your winnings with any of your colleagues? We wish you good luck this National Employee Appreciation Day and hope you win so you can answer all these questions yourself!


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