Cash 5, the lottery game, has become a favorite among those seeking a daily dose of excitement and the chance to win substantial cash prizes. There is even a feature that allows you to win instantly upon checkout if luck is on your side. Keep reading about your future favorite game!

Cash 5 Schedule: Drawing Frequency

One of the attractive features of Cash 5 is its daily drawing schedule. Unlike weekly or bi-weekly lotteries, Cash 5 offers the chance to participate and win every day of the week. The daily drawings take place at approximately 7:57 pm (EST). 

The opportunity to play and potentially win is available seven days a week, making it a dynamic and engaging lottery option.

Cash 5 Schedule: What Day Can You Play Cash 5?

How To Play

You can purchase Cash 5 tickets at authorized lottery retailers or, in some regions, through online platforms, like TuLotero. Each ticket costs $1. You will then pick 5 numbers from 1 to 32. You can either pick these yourself or choose Quick Pick and the terminal will select random numbers for you. That’s it! There are 4 ways to win the original Cash 5 game (no EZ Match).

Highlighted below are the prize levels and odds of winning.

Match Prize Amount Odds
5 $20,000 1 in 201,376
4 $200 1 in 1,492
3 $10 1 in 57
2 $1 1 in 7

EZ Match 

EZ Match is the extra feature to enhance your Cash 5 experience. For one extra dollar, you can add EZ Match for a chance to win up to $500 upon checking out. Five EZ Match numbers will be shown below the new numbers you just chose. If any EZ Match numbers match your chosen numbers, then you win a prize right away!

The prize amount is randomly selected and will be listed next to the EZ Match numbers. Below are the prize amounts and odds for winning the EZ Match. Instant wins! 

Prize Amount Odds
$500 1 in 42,000
$250 1 in 42,000
$100 1 in 21,000
$50 1 in 2,800
$20 1 in 1,680
$15 1 in 840
$10 1 in 168
$5 1 in 105
$4 1 in 76
$3 1 in 17
$2 1 in 10

Make the Cash 5 Experience Even Easier- Play From Your Phone!

TuLotero enables you to play the lottery from the convenience of your phone. Not only does it add a layer of accessibility but also an extra level of security. Never lose your tickets and never miss out when you win a prize.

Now that you know the Cash 5 schedule, try the revolutionizing way to play the lottery with TuLotero!


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