Let’s crack the code and see the odds of winning Cash 5, the popular lottery game. How do these odds stack up against other aspects of life? 

Cash 5 Basics

Select five numbers from a pool of 1 to 32. Each ticket costs $1. That’s it! Matching all five numbers drawn wins the jackpot, while matching fewer numbers can still result in prizes at various levels. Drawings are held daily, offering frequent opportunities for players to test their luck and win big. 

Breaking Down the Odds of Winning Cash 5

There are 4 ways to win the original Cash 5 game (no EZ Match). Highlighted below are the prize levels and odds of winning. 

Match Prize Amount Odds
5 $20,000 1 in 201,376
4 $200 1 in 1,492
3 $10 1 in 57
2 $1 1 in 7

Level Up With EZ Match

EZ Match is the extra feature to level up your Cash 5 game. For an extra dollar, you can add EZ Match for a chance to win up to $500 upon checking out. Here’s how it works. Once your ticket is printed or validated online, five EZ Match numbers will be shown below the original numbers you chose. If any EZ Match numbers match your chosen numbers, then you instantly win a prize! The prize amount is randomly selected and will be listed next to the EZ Match numbers. Below are the prize amounts and odds for winning the EZ Match. 

Prize Amount Odds
$500 1 in 42,000
$250 1 in 42,000
$100 1 in 21,000
$50 1 in 2,800
$20 1 in 1,680
$15 1 in 840
$10 1 in 168
$5 1 in 105
$4 1 in 76
$3 1 in 17
$2 1 in 10

Putting the Odds in Perspective

Now, that you know the odds, let’s put them into perspective. The chances of matching all five numbers to win the jackpot are approximately 1 in 201,376. To put that into context:

  • The odds of finding a pearl in an oyster are approximately 1 in 12,000.
  • The odds of spotting a double rainbow are roughly 1 in 1 million.
  • The odds of hitting a hole-in-one in golf are about 1 in 12,500.
  • The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are approximately 1 in 5,000.
  • The odds of being struck by lightning while on a golf course are roughly 1 in 700,000.
  • The odds of living to be 100 years old are roughly 1 in 5,000.
  • The odds of finding a penny on the ground are roughly 1 in 40.
  • The odds of finding a lost pet are about 1 in 3.

Winning Cash 5 will require some luck, but it is not impossible!

The Odds of Winning Cash 5

The Benefits of Playing Cash 5 Online with TuLotero

Playing Cash 5 online with TuLotero offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides convenience, allowing players to purchase tickets from the comfort of their own homes or on the go using their smartphones. Additionally, TuLotero provides features such as automatic number selection, ticket storage, and notifications of winning numbers, streamlining the entire lottery experience for players.

By understanding the game, leveraging the benefits of playing online with TuLotero, and putting the odds into perspective, players can approach Cash 5 with confidence and enthusiasm, knowing that they’re in the running for a chance at riches beyond their wildest dreams! Good luck! 


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