It’s finally the last month of the year, a time when people come together to celebrate various holidays, special days, and ugly sweaters?

Yes that’s right! It’s time to grab that forgotten sweater from the deep depths of your closet or go to your local charity shop and scramble at the last minute to try and find something decent to wear, so you’re not the Debbie Downer of the party. Ugly Christmas Sweater parties have been around for quite some time, but what if you could be the showstopper at your next Christmas party? You will be the star of the show when you rock up to the party in this one of a kind outfit.

Would you Buy the Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater ?

There is one Ugly Christmas Sweater that stands out above all others in terms of luxury and extravagance. We are talking about the most expensive ugly Christmas sweater in the world, adorned with impressive Swarovski crystals and valued at a staggering $30,000. Its focus is more on “Christmas” rather than “ugly.”

What makes this sweater worth your $30,000?

Would you Buy the Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Tipsy Elves and Swarovski teamed up in a collaboration to create this ultra luxury, fashionable, festive sweater. We could call it a piece of artwork as it shines and glimmers with more than 24,000 Swarovski crystals placed by hand in a process that takes about 52 hours.

The motif of this sweater is as original as everything around it: Take a peek! A Santa Claus soaring through the sky on a unicorn, with a background of glowing planets in the classic Christmas tones of green and red. Perfect for the Christmas lovers ready to make a grand entrance at the party like Santa does every Christmas Eve down the chimney.

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December is a time of dreams, magic and opportunities. Don’t miss your chance at a Christmas miracle and play Mega Millions with TuLotero!


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