Have you ever wondered what life is like for millionaires? How they do everyday things like grocery shopping or even finding a partner? The desire to meet someone special to share life with is very common, and having millions of dollars in your bank account shouldn’t be an obstacle! This is the reasoning behind luxury dating apps for millionaires.

If you fear tomorrow, Singles’ Day, don’t miss out on these. These types of apps allow wealthy individuals to meet other singles in similar situations. They are known for having restricted access, and in some cases, you must demonstrate your financial status to gain entry, all with the idea of protecting the privacy of those inside.

Dating Apps for Millionaires

  • Tinder Select

Have you been using Tinder for months not knowing this option existed? We didn’t either! Apparently, Tinder has hidden this section of its app quite well. It only allows access to exclusive singles, such as actors, athletes, and so on. There are only two ways to get in: either by invitation from an active member or if their executives invite you once you rise in popularity.

Seeking Love? These are your dating apps for millionaires
  • MillionaireMatch

This app requires a certification of the single person’s income to create a profile. Once inside, it offers both virtual assistants to help you choose photos and relationship counselors. This app, used by Hollywood celebrities, models, and other famous individuals, has been named «the best of the web» by Forbes magazine. Of course, it has its own premium version.

  • Luxy

The functionality of this app is similar to the others. However, to access it, apart from having enviable income, your outside appearances will also be taken into account. When creating your profile, you must undergo a popular vote by other users. Nevertheless, if you want to bypass this step, you only need to prove that you earn more than 170,000 dollars per year! As expected, there is also a more exclusive version with advantages like income-based search.

If the difficulty of finding love was holding you back from becoming a millionaire, you no longer have to fear.

From TuLotero, we wish you the best of luck in love and games!


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