Sometimes we may consider ourselves lucky: we get green traffic lights all day, have the last slice of pizza, find a dollar in our pocket, and so on. Today’s story is about a US man who won from a lottery ticket for the second time!

A 65-year-old retired resident of Salisbury, Maryland, who remained unidentified, could not believe his luck when he saw that he had won again! He won $2 million dollars in the game $2,000,000 Richer, which he certainly is now.

Years after winning his first time, he bought two tickets in a gas station while running errands. The previous time, the prize was only $100.

Second Time's the Charm: Won Big with the Second Lottery Ticket

The winner got the lucky strike during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he did not claim it until much later. During these unsafe times, he decided to hide the ticket at home and wait to claim it until a few days before the deadline.

However, he was nervous and worried that something might happen. For example, a fire at his house, or the expiration date approaching before he could claim the prize. But mostly, he doubted whether it was even real, whether he had really won.

Luck follows him: two lottery ticket, two prizes!

In his interview, he encouraged people to «play for enjoyment», regardless of the prize or whether they win or not. The point is to have fun, because then «you’ve already won».

Luck can play a major role in our lives, and some people seem to be luckier than others. However, it’s important to remember that luck is not completely random. It’s often the result of persistence, and a positive attitude. In this sense, participating in draws like Powerball can be a way to improve your luck, not just by winning a prize, but by developing a more optimistic and proactive mindset, like this winner had.

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