A couple of years ago, North Carolina saw the seventh winner to win either a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot in the state: Charles W Jackson Jr. At his 66 and retired from a military store that he owned, he became the largest jackpot winner in North Carolina history with Powerball.

He had been playing the same numbers twice a week for a couple of years. However, as he said: “You play to win, but you never expect to win the whole dang pot!”. When he first saw the ticket, he thought he had won only $50,000 and immediately called his wife. But after checking the ticket again he realized that he had won a lot more! He did not even know how much the prize was. “Then Google it!”, she said.

Charles W Jackson Jr: the multimillionaire from North Carolina

With a prize of $344.6 million, Charles W Jackson Jr. had two options: get the total of 344.6 million in annual payments for over 29 years, or a full payment of 223.3 million. He chose the latter, and with the prize, he wanted to do something good: so he planned to donate to St. Jude Hospital, the Wounded Warriors Project and the Shriners. However, he also had a deal with his brother. If any of them ever won the lottery, he would give the other one a million dollars. “Are you ready to be a millionaire?”, he said to his brother on the phone.

From retired grandpa to millionaire: Charles W Jackson Jr

The story behind the numbers is pretty touching. Charles and his wife used to go to a Vietnamese restaurant with their granddaughter, who was 8 years old. They always gave her the fortune cookies, and one day he told his granddaughter to tell him the numbers behind the fortune, because he wanted to play them. And what a fortune cookie! Those were the numbers that changed Charles and his family’s lives; although he said that money would never change the way they were. 

What would you do if you followed the steps of Charles W Jackson Jr and became the next largest jackpot winner? TuLotero wishes you the best of luck!


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