The number 13 is known in many countries as an unlucky number, and if it coincides with Friday, it’s even worse. There’s even a fear of Friday the 13th, known as paraskevidekatriaphobia! However, despite its bad reputation, it’s one of the most popular numbers among lottery players. Is it true that it brings bad luck?

Learn about the origins of Friday the 13th

Its origins are uncertain, but many relate it to various religions and mythologies. For example, Loki, the Norse god of deceit, was the 13th guest when he crashed a party in Valhalla, which had a very unfortunate ending…

Some claim it has its origins in the Roman deity Mars, the god of war. The Romans believed that the calamities of this day were a result of this god, bringing them unexpected events considered bad omens.

Similarly, it’s a popular belief that Friday was the day when Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit and were expelled from paradise or when Noah’s Ark set sail.

However, the 1980s horror film «Friday the 13th» certainly solidified all superstitions.

Celebrate Friday the 13th with luck on TuLotero!

However, in cultures like the Mayans, 13 is understood as a sacred number, representing the heavens.

Furthermore, in ancient times, Friday was considered a lucky day because it was associated with the feminine divinity. It’s believed that even the name of the day, Friday, comes from Frigg’s Day, the name of the Norse goddess of love, marriage, and motherhood.

Likewise, when viewed from numerology or astrology, it’s considered a spiritual number that attracts good fortune, signaling the end of old cycles and the beginning of new ones.

Despite being a number that even airlines avoid putting on their seats, today, the number 13 is, along with 7, one of the most sought-after numbers in games of chance.

The daring act of playing the «cursed» numbers has led many TuLotero users to change their luck for the much better!

In our platform, we believe that today is a great day to seek luck, just like any other day.

This Friday the 13th, we wish you all the best of luck!


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