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What is TuLotero?2023-05-25T08:34:27-06:00

TuLotero is a service that allows you to buy official state lottery tickets directly from your smartphone or the web. We take care of all the hassle and are responsible for holding on to the tickets to make sure they never get lost. We also notify you as soon as we have the results, to let you know if you’ve won or not.

Is TuLotero safe?2023-05-25T08:34:50-06:00

Absolutely! TuLotero follows industry standards for security and keeping your personal data safe. Having first started in Spain, TuLotero follows European Union rules on data protection and data security to ensure its protection. We are also responsible for holding onto and keeping your tickets safe. We provide email documentation all along the process confirming your order and the confirmation of your ticket once it’s been purchased.

Are payments secure?2023-05-25T08:35:16-06:00

Yes! TuLotero follows PCI standards for payment security and ensures that your data is safely stored with secure tokens.

Is my banking information safe?2023-05-25T08:35:37-06:00

Yes! TuLotero uses Trustly as a third party provider who has extensive security experience. TuLotero does not directly have access to your banking information.

Why does TuLotero need access to my location?2023-05-25T08:35:59-06:00

TuLotero must verify that you are in a state where we operate in order to complete a transaction, so we cannot complete a sale without access to location permissions.

Can I play the lottery from another state?2023-05-25T08:36:20-06:00

No. We are only allowed to sell tickets from within the state where you are physically located, because due to state regulations we are unable to sell across state lines. As long as you are physically located in a state where TuLotero operates, you will be able to play with us.

I am traveling and am not allowed to play, why not?2023-05-25T08:36:38-06:00

TuLotero may only operate within the borders of states where we operate and are unable to sell across state lines.

I have an account with TuLotero in Mexico or Spain, can I use that same account in the US?2023-05-25T08:37:17-06:00

Unfortunately, you will need to register a new account in the United States. As TuLotero expands to different states, the same account will be valid throughout the country, but cannot be used between countries.

Does playing with TuLotero haveany additional costs?2023-05-25T08:37:36-06:00

You will find your tickets at the regular price. Additionally, in case of prizes, no commission is charged, they are fully awarded to you. However, TuLotero does charge a small fee of $1.00 to cover payment processing costs and provide you with the best experience possible.

I won! How can I get my winnings?2023-05-25T08:38:05-06:00

Congratulations! In the case of prizes less than $600, it will be directly credited to your TuLotero balance where you can continue playing or withdraw it to your personal bank account.
For prizes exceeding $600, you will be contacted by TuLotero’s Prize Management Department via phone, and they will inform you about the procedure to follow to get you your ticket so you can claim directly with the lottery. We will never charge a commission on a prize and the total amount of winnings is yours less any tax withholding required by law.
If you do not have a bank account or would like to request a paper check, please contact customer support at contact@tulotero.com. Note that we will only be able to issue a check to the name registered on the account.

How long does a transfer take to become effective?2023-05-25T08:38:25-06:00

Bank transfers are conducted through Trustly. You will need to fill in the corresponding information requested by Trustly, including your banking institution and the bank account you wish to use. Once ordered, the bank transfer should be complete in a few days.

How can I save a payment method for future use?2023-05-25T08:38:43-06:00

In TuLotero, the last added payment method is automatically considered as the favorite. If you want to modify any data, you will need to delete the payment method and enter it again.

What does the ‘automatic reload’ feature entail?2023-05-25T08:39:04-06:00

If you activate the ‘automatic reload’ option, money will be automatically loaded to your balance in multiples of $5 when attempting to place a bet for which you don’t have sufficient funds. Each automatic reload will include the service fee.
To activate it, go to the ‘Balance’ section. Select ‘add’ and choose between ‘card payment’ or ‘online banking’.
In both cases, when you enter your card or bank account details, you will see a screen with the amount you’re trying to load, as well as the ‘automatic reload’ option. If you click on it, you can select the desired amount you’d like to be loaded automatically, and once you complete the process, your selection will be remembered.

I have a promotional code, where should I enter it?2023-05-25T08:39:23-06:00

You can enter your promotional code within the option “Activate promotions” that can be found in the menu. Para poder canjear la promoción, es importante que introduzcas tus datos personales. Recuerda que las promociones son únicamente válidas para nuevos usuarios y no son acumulables.

How can I change my password?2023-05-25T08:39:41-06:00

You can change your password if you click on your name in the top left corner of the screen and select ‘account settings’. If you scroll down the screen, you will see ‘change password’.

Do I have to pay taxes on my prize?2023-05-25T08:40:03-06:00

For prizes of $600 and over, you must claim with the state lottery and they will be responsible for issuing you a W2-G form. For prizes under $600, TuLotero will credit your account directly and no taxable information is required to be filed. In the event that you win multiple prizes under $600 that total more than $600 in the same drawing. (e.g. two tickets that each hit $400), TuLotero will be required to issue a W2-G form.

Are lottery tickets tax deductible?2023-05-25T08:42:09-06:00

Yes! If you itemize your tax deductions, the IRS allows you to deduct gambling losses. (See IRS website here). If you are interested in documentation regarding net balance for a given calendar year, please contact us and we can provide you with that information.

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