Why does TuLotero need access to my location?2022-09-08T11:30:44+00:00

TuLotero must verify that you are in a state we operate in in order to complete a transaction so we cannot complete a sale without access to location permissions.

Can I play the lottery from another state?2022-09-08T11:30:27+00:00

No. We are only allowed to sell tickets from within the state where you are physically located. We are constantly looking to expand into more states to allow play wherever you may be traveling.

Are payments secure?2022-09-08T11:30:09+00:00

Yes! TuLotero follows PCI standards for payment security and ensures that your data is safely stored with secure tokens.

Is my banking information safe?2022-09-08T11:29:53+00:00

Yes! TuLotero uses Trustly as a third party provider who has extensive security experience. TuLotero does not directly have access to your banking information.

My account is frozen. What happened?2022-09-08T11:29:32+00:00

Any account freeze will be accompanied by an email to the address associated with the account. There may be any number of reasons, please contact us at contact@tulotero.com in order to resolve the issue.

What are the tickets stored in the “almanac”?2022-09-08T11:29:03+00:00

The almanac feature allows you to store information about any tickets you have purchased outside of the app or browser and check and be notified of their results as well. Remember that the almanac function doesn’t create a ticket purchase from TuLotero, only notifies the results. You are responsible for the safekeeping and redemption of all tickets purchased outside of TuLotero.

Can I see all account activity from the app in the browser version?2022-09-08T11:28:34+00:00

Yes. You will find all your account activity if you click on your balance in the top left part of the screen. You will see each transaction and also organized by reloads, prizes, withdrawals and games played via the app or the browser platform.

Are lottery tickets tax deductible?2022-09-08T11:27:30+00:00

Yes! If you itemize your tax deductions, the IRS allows you to deduct gambling losses. (See IRS website here). If you are interested in documentation regarding net balance for a given calendar year, please contact us and we can provide you with that information.

Do I have to pay taxes on my prize?2022-09-08T11:27:08+00:00

For prizes of $600 and over, you must claim with the state lottery and they will be responsible for issuing you a W2-G form. For prizes under $600, TuLotero will credit your account directly and no taxable information is required to be filed. In the event that you win multiple prizes under $600 that total more than $600 in the same drawing. (e.g. two tickets that each hit $400), TuLotero will be required to issue a W2-G form.

I won! How do I claim my prize?2022-09-08T11:26:41+00:00

If you win a prize of $599 dollars or less, your prize will be automatically reflected in your account where you can choose to withdraw the money to your bank account. For prizes of $600 or more up to $15,000 we provide the option of delivering the ticket via courier service or picking up the winning ticket in person. For prizes of over $15,000 we will require you to pick up the ticket in person. We may require you to sign a form officially accepting possession of your ticket at which point TuLotero can no longer accept responsibility for safekeeping of the ticket.

Can I play the lottery from another state?2022-09-08T11:26:19+00:00

No. We are only allowed to sell tickets from within the state where you are physically located. We are constantly looking to expand into more states to allow play wherever you may be traveling.

I’m traveling and am not allowed to play, why not?2022-09-08T11:26:01+00:00

TuLotero may only operate within the borders of states where we operate and are unable to sell across state lines.

I have an account with TuLotero in Mexico or Spain, can I use that same account in the US?2022-09-08T11:25:42+00:00

Unfortunately, you will need to register a new account in the United States. As TuLotero expands to different states, the same account will be valid throughout the country, but cannot be used between countries.

How long does it take to complete a bank transfer?2022-09-08T11:25:23+00:00

Once we have received your order to transfer money, you will receive a confirmation email. The process for the bank transfer should take approximately 3-5 business days.

How can I change or erase my stored card information?2022-09-08T11:23:03+00:00

By clicking on the “add funds” button, you can find the stored card information where you can easily change the “store card” toggle.

How does the “automatic reload” function work?2022-09-08T11:22:23+00:00

We have incorporated a service within the app so that you will never be left without a balance. When you load a balance with a card, and if you choose to securely store the card information, you will also have the ability to choose an “automatic reload” and refill your balance automatically whenever you have an insufficient balance.

How can I add to my balance?2022-09-08T11:21:49+00:00

If you select the “Add Funds” button, you will be shown your options to add to your balance via card or bank transfer. If you choose by card, you have the option to store your card information that will be securely stored so you can easily reload again in the future. In order to save the information, you will need to create an “alias” for the card. You can also activate the “automatic reload” option to ensure you keep a balance to be able to play.

I have a promotional code, where should I enter it?2022-09-08T11:20:57+00:00

You can enter your promotional code within the option “Activate promotions” that can be found by clicking on your name in the top left corner.

How can I change my password?2022-09-08T11:20:38+00:00

You can change your password if you click on your name in the top left corner of the screen and select “Edit profile data”

Why do you ask for a scan of my driver’s license?2022-09-08T11:16:51+00:00

The barcode on your license only contains the information found on the front and we use that to ensure that you are at least 18 years old (or whatever the local requirement may be) and legally allowed to play the lottery.

Why do I need to verify my email address?2022-09-08T11:16:24+00:00

We need to have a valid email address in order to ensure that you can receive confirmation emails regarding the purchase process of your orders. In order to receive these emails, you should have the option selected in the “notification configuration” menu.

If I already have an account on the app, can I use the same account in the browser version?2022-09-08T11:15:36+00:00

Yes! No need to create a new account, you just need to enter your registered email and password to login where you will see your personal account details. Your account balance is reflected in both the browser and app versions.

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