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How to play Gopher 5

Gopher 5 characteristics and rules

To play Gopher 5 you only need to pick five numbers from 1 to 47, or leave it to chance with the quick pick option. To win the jackpot, you need to match the five numbers of the winning combination. However, you can win prizes by matching two, three or four numbers.

Ways to play

In Gopher 5, you have the choice to select your own numbers or opt for the quick pick feature, which generates a random combination for you. Additionally, you can buy tickets for multiple future draws or subscribe to have tickets automatically generated, ensuring you never miss out on a shot at the jackpot!

Gopher 5 dates

Gopher 5 drawings are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at approximately 6:15 P.M. (CDT).

And with TuLotero, you can play 365 days a year, 24 hours a day from your phone –always before the cut-off time. Besides, you can subscribe to the draw to never miss a chance to be the next winner of TuLotero!


The price of a single ticket is just $1. One dollar that can get you a jackpot of minimum $100,000!


The cost of a single ticket is only $1. However, for an extra $1 per play, you can buy the multiplier option Lotto America All Star Bonus.


Throughout the drawing process, five numbers from the range of 1 to 47 will be randomly selected. Following verification, these numbers will be announced and published as the winning numbers for that specific draw.

Jackpot and prizes

Securing the jackpot entails matching all five of the winning numbers, but you can still win prizes by matching two, three, or four out of the five numbers.

The jackpot is shared equally among all winning tickets, in case of multiple winners. Each drawing guarantees a minimum jackpot of $100,000, and it grows until it finds a winner.

Gopher 5 prize table

MATCH Prize amount
5 out of 5 Jackpot
4 out of 5 $500
3 out of 5 $15
2 out of 5 $1

Fun facts

The overall odds of winning any Gopher 5 prize are approximately of 1 in 12.

The draw is only played in Minnesota and its name comes from one of the estate animals, the gopher.

The largest jackpot ever won of Gopher 5 to date was worth $2,032,201!

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