National Space Day, celebrated annually on the first Friday of May, is a day dedicated to commemorating the remarkable achievements and contributions of space exploration to humanity. If you had told our ancestors that space tourism would be possible, they would have been jaw dropped. For the rich, wealthy, adventurous, and daring individuals wanted to be blasted off into space, it does not come at a cheap price. 

The Wonders of Space

Imagine floating weightlessly, gazing out of a spacecraft window at the Earth below, witnessing the curvature of our planet against the vastness of space. For many, space tourism represents a chance to push personal boundaries and challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible. It’s an opportunity to test the limits of human endurance and resilience. 

The Cost of Space Tourism

For a select few, the prestige associated with being one of the first civilians to travel to space is a significant motivating factor. It’s a symbol of achievement and status that sets them apart from the rest. Companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic are pioneering commercial space travel, but for a hefty price. 

National Space Day & Space Tourism: Hang Out With The Stars

A trip to space with SpaceX and NASA has a base roundtrip cost of $60 million dollars! That’s not including the $35,000 charge per night on board the Dragon spacecraft. With the trip being 30 days, even the wealthiest individuals need to start saving if they want this once in a lifetime experience. 

Win the Lottery and Join the Millionaires in Space

For most people, the dream of space travel remains just that – a dream. However, winning the lottery could turn that dream into a reality. Imagine being the lucky winner who secures a ticket to embark on a journey beyond Earth’s atmosphere after securing the winning lottery ticket. With your newfound wealth, you could join the ranks of wealthy space tourists. 

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