There have been some life-changing jackpot prizes given out over the years but these top prizes are extraordinary. Take a look into the largest lottery jackpots to this day and see if you could think of what to do with that lump of cash how would you spend this life changing amount! 

1. The Largest Lottery Jackpot Of All- $2.04 Billion Dollars

The number one jackpot prize to this date belongs to a man in California. Edwin Castro was the sole winner of the 2.04 billion dollar Powerball jackpot back in November 2022. He decided to take the cash value lump sum check rather than receive his money in annuity payments. After taxes, he walked away with $997.6 million dollars, just footsteps away from attaining “billionaire status.”

2. $1.76 Billion Dollars

California is on a lucky streak as it sold the second largest lottery jackpot in American history. 1.76 billion dollars was won by a single individual on the October 11th Powerball drawing last year in 2023. Normally winners will take the cash option, but this winner decided to receive their payments through an annuity given out over the course of 30 years. 

3. $1.60 Billion Dollars

Now Mega Millions enters the rankings. Taking third place for largest lottery jackpots in American history is the 1.602 billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot win back in August of 2023. The winner bought their ticket at a Publix in Neptune Beach, Florida opting for the Quick Pick option. 

The Largest Lottery Jackpots Won in The United States

4. $1.59 Billion Dollars

3 people played with the number combination 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 PB 10 on January 13th, 2016 and won the $1.59 billion dollar jackpot. This means that the 1.59 billion dollar Powerball jackpot was split evenly between the 3 winners. California, Florida and Tennessee were the lucky states where the tickets were purchased.

5. $1.53 Billion Dollars

Taking fifth place for largest jackpot in American history is the 1.53 billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot win back in October of 2018. The winner has asked to stay anonymous, but it was confirmed that the winning ticket was sold in South Carolina and won by a single individual. The winner opted for a one-time payment of $877,764,124. 

Top 10 Largest Lottery Jackpots Ever Won In The United States

Jackpot Prize Lottery Game State Won In Date
$2.04 Billion Powerball California 11/08/2022
$1.76 Billion Powerball California 10/11/2023
$1.60 Billion Mega Millions Florida


$1.59 Billion Powerball CA, FL, TN 01/13/2016
$1.53 Billion Mega Millions South Carolina 10/23/2018
$1.34 Billion Mega Millions Maine 01/13/2023
$1.33 Billion Mega Millions Illinois 07/29/2022
$1.32 Billion Powerball Oregon 04/06/2024
$1.13 Billion Mega Millions New Jersey 03/26/2024
$1.08 Billion Powerball California 07/19/2023

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