Hollywood’s most prestigious event is here. The 96th Academy Awards ceremony, The Oscars, creates a huge price tag. 

Extravagance, opulence, and sophistication can sum up the highly anticipated night. On Sunday March 10th, the iconic Dolby Theatre transforms into an exclusive, beautiful space fit perfectly for the exclusive invite list. Celebrities and luminaries from the world of film converge to celebrate cinematic excellence and reflect on the accomplishments from the year. 

The Red Carpet

The red carpet at the Oscars where the luxury begins. With A-list celebrities and notable actors making their way across the red carpet, it symbolizes a moment that merges success, style, and talent all in one. Think of it as “the first impression.” The red carpet alone costs about $25,000 and that’s not including all the flower arrangements and uplighting surrounding the carpet. At least it makes for great paparazzi pictures!

The Fashion

“Who are you wearing?” The line said by hundreds on this star-studded night and for good reason. The dresses and tuxedos worn by The Oscars attendees can cost upwards of a million dollars. Designers such as Dior, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Valentino and Chanel are among the most popular choices for celebrities. In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence rocked a strapless Dior ball gown type dress that is rumored to have cost 4 millions dollars. She definitely felt like a million bucks when she took home the award for best actress that year. 

How Much Money Is Spent On The Oscars?

The Goodie Bags 

Additionally, the goodie bags handed out at the Oscars puts our childhood birthday party goodie bags to shame. Not all the Oscar nominees can take home the $400 24-karat gold-plated statue award but rest assured, they do not go home empty handed. These goodie bags average between $150,000-$200,000 and contain a variety of things from luxury skincare, to all expense paid trips abroad. 

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