Some have already coined this year “202-for the plot” as people will be doing as they please, when they please, creating their own unique plot in their life. Here are our luxury trend predictions that we picture these trailblazer individuals starting in their life.

Our 2024 Luxury Trend Predictions, Let’s Go!

1. Flower Subscriptions

No one can deny the beauty and joy flowers bring to a household or your personal space. Imagine having a never ending supply of fresh flowers without even having to leave your doorstep to get them. If you have a go-to florist, consider setting up a flower subscription to ensure your space is always filled with a touch of elegance and warmth.

2. Wellness Retreats

In 2024, luxury wellness retreats are about more than just relaxation—they’re holistic experiences designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul. From immersive nature retreats focused on reconnection with the environment to personalized wellness programs tailored to individual needs, luxury travelers are seeking transformative experiences that prioritize well-being. Then imagine arriving home to fresh flowers!

Our 2024 Luxury Trend Predictions, Let’s Go!

3. Ultra Specific Personalized Parties

Simple friends and family gatherings will be taken to new heights in 2024. Instead of hosting a simple Italian dinner party, making some pasta and throwing some garlic bread in the oven, the Italian dinner party will mature and morph into a whole themed night. We predict fun dress codes, elaborate cocktails and drinks, home-made food rather than store bought, and of course an over the top decorated dinner table. Planners, get ready to level up your dining experience for all your friends and family to enjoy.

Magic 8 Ball, will these things be trending in 2024? We think yes, totally!

And if flowers really aren’t your thing, then maybe the lottery is. TuLotero is your mobile application that allows you to order lottery tickets any time, anywhere, similar to the flower subscription! Create your bespoke experience in the app by choosing your numbers and setting up auto play for your favorite draws.

Win big and throw the ultimate party for your friends and family. We would love to see a “lottery” themed party!

Good luck to you!


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