Want to throw the ultimate holiday office party for your company? Ditch the savorless foods, monotonous conversations, and social stress!

We got you covered with ultra luxe ideas and tips to make your holiday office party an experience your coworkers will talk about in years to come, not dread weeks before!

The ultimate holiday office party

The theme is going to be “Classy and Glassy.” Set the “classy and glassy” mood by having glassware and crystal everywhere. Invest in Kneen & Co chandeliers that range between $5,000- 250,000. Imagine the looks on peoples faces as they walk into this luxury wonderland! Gather big floating candle glass containers, thin champagne flutes, and little crystal touches to hang around the room.

Have all your guests come in their best formal wear that they never get a chance to wear. Now, they have an excuse to go buy that dress or suit they have been eyeing through the Gucci store everyday on their way to work! Imagine rocking up to the company holiday party in Gucci’s most expensive luxury suit, the Signoria Wool Mohair suit. That’s $3,250 well spent!

It is not a party without food

No penny will be wasted when you divulge into a sophisticated, luxurious food and beverage menu. Splurge on caviar harvested from a small aqua farm in Salzburg, Austria. This alone will give your guests a once in a lifetime experience-eating the most expensive food in the world. One kilogram of the Strottarga Bianco caviar is $113,630! There is even a layer of edible 22-karat gold sprinkled on top. This is the ultra luxury way to treat your employees!

The Not- So Dreaded After Work Company Holiday Party

Pair your meals with meaningful beverages whether it be red wine, champagne, white wine, or a suave cocktail. Bonus points if you curate a specialty cocktail of the night that represents your company. For example, if you have a lottery business that specializes in offering customers a seamless virtual lottery playing experience, your signature cocktail can be a martini named “The Big Winner.” This adds an extra level of personalization that your guests will appreciate.

But let’s not kid ourselves, everyone loves receiving a good holiday present. Your colleagues will not be spared. They devote so much time, energy, and ideas to the company over the course of the year that they deserve to be spoiled and shown appreciation.

Why not give them the possibility of changing their life?

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Are you ready now to throw the ultimate, luxurious holiday after work party? You may need to start playing on TuLotero today to get ready for all that is to come! Maybe Dave from Human Resources will be sipping on “The Big Winner” cocktail when he realizes he really is the big winner of Powerball or Mega Millions!

From TuLotero, we wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and luck!


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