The US has the largest lottery jackpots in worldwide history, thanks mostly to Powerball and Mega Millions. Only these two have changed the lives of so many people, including the biggest jackpot winners in history. Do you know how much they won? Let’s find out!

Find out the largest lottery jackpot ever won!

Powerball is in the lead with a very recent jackpot: $2.04 billion! The drawing took place on November 8, 2022, and the prize was for a single ticket sold in California. At the moment, no other draw has exceeded this jackpot, so it is considered the largest in history!

The famous Powerball also has second place, with the first-ever lottery jackpot over $1 billion; $1.586 billion to be precise. It was in January 2016, and there were three winning tickets sold in California, Florida, and Tennessee.

In third place, we have our beloved Mega Millions! In 2018, the jackpot hit $1.537 billion, and a single winning ticket was sold in South Carolina.

Who won the Top largest lottery jackpot prizes ever?

In Europe, Euro Millions is the number one game, and its largest lottery jackpot was won in July last year. Like in Powerball and Mega Millions, Euro Millions jackpot increases for every draw without a winner, and last summer it started at €17,000 but ended at €230,000! There was only one winner, located in the UK.

What about other countries?

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is also pretty popular and is considered to have one of the largest lottery jackpots. €400,000 is the first prize to win and is called El Gordo (The fat one). It takes place every December and TuLotero has had the luck to delivered it to our users in several occasions!

Brazil hit another top jackpot in 2009, which was considered the largest lottery jackpot in South America. The draw is called Mega-Sena, and the winning tickets were sold in Brasília and São Paulo. The prize was 145 million Brazilian Real (around $27,922,200).

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