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Play from your phone Enjoy TuLotero in your phone (iOS, Android and Web) and play Powerball and Mega Millions
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The best app
The truth is that this app is very good, everything works correctly Everything very very good
Very good
Good App and very convenient since you save waiting in line. With this code 357695109 they will give you €1 so you can play.
Good app
The unexpected closing of the app has been solved with the latest update. Very good for the purchase of we say
I use it every year
Every year I use it to buy a Christmas lottery number and save my numbers for the day of the draw. This year I couldn't, since the app closed. And they very kindly contacted me and were interested in helping me. Today they called me to tell me that they have released a new update to fix it so I can use the app as usual. It has been a pleasure dealing with them. Highly recommended!
€1 FREE WITH CODE 657213773
Highly recommended! Win a free bet using code 657213773
Good app
Good app
Easy to use
Free euro with my code
With the code 123396673 you get a euro when you download the app
very good
Very good application. It never fails, it's great
The best Lottery APP.
I have never played via the internet, but it is wonderful not to rush. If you win something (like in my case). Deposit into account and that's it.
lucky lottery!!
Very comfortable from home you can find luck!!!
Time saving
It saves me from stopping during the week to go validate, now I do it quietly from home.
Daniel Sanchez
Very good application
I love it!
Very easy to use.
Very good application
Very neat
Like it makes it a lot easier for you. I love
easy bet
Convenient application
Good, easy and saves time
Easy to play, it will be the best the day I win
Very serious in what they do!
Everything is excellent... reliable application and easy to use... good luck to all.
Free bet!!
Promotional code 31022331 go to settings/activate promotions and enter that code, verify your phone number and they will give you your first bet..
Good app
Perfect application for those of us who do not even have time to specifically go to an administration
More than one ticket at a time
Hello, there could be an option to be able to submit more than one ticket at a time. Let me explain: for example, group the tickets you want and do it at the same time since the same ones are issued every week and you have to do it one by one.
If you use this code: 857798310 they give you money. Very intuitive application
It's very nice
I think you should also add the lototurf, Thank you
Your lottery
I like the application because it is very convenient, and it notifies you when the draw is held and if it is your turn, they will pay you instantly. For me, it is the best
Very good tool
Excellent organization
The ticket validation information is very correct and the information on whether the ticket played has been awarded and its amount is very explicit.
Ring the Bell
Waiting for the Bell to Ring!!!🍀
It works very well
Easy to use and very comfortable
Very useful, I use it regularly and it works very well.
Excellent App‼️‼️
The best for Lotteries.
Very comfortable
For work reasons, sometimes I don't have material time, this way I don't worry about having to physically seal.
Great application!!!
It saves me lines at the administration every week. It's great!!
Great application ✨
I love the application, always ready to win!! And with this code when you register you receive a FREE bet!! 631803352
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