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Play from your phone Enjoy TuLotero in your phone (iOS, Android and Web) and play Powerball and Mega Millions
Instant rewards Prizes credited to your account right after the drawing
100% Safe Bets are processed directly by service provider.
Ticket subscription Play your favorite numbers automatically
It allows you to participate without having to go to the administrations.
Good App
The truth is that it is a very good App to control groups of people who participate in lottery games
Very reliable
I encourage you to play
It's a poop
And if I go
I recommend this application because it is very useful and very comfortable and is very well made. congratulations to
Easy to use and safe
It's very nice
It is good application
Very good
Very practical
In addition to the simplicity of the application, it is very pretty.
My touch
How lucky I got 7.55
Repetition of plays
It should let you choose which days you want to play and have the play repeated automatically until you run out of balance. But if you choose to play automatically, play every day
Very good
Easy and convenient application
Maybe it's even your turn 😉
Good service
Easy to use and very useful
Failure in euro dreams
Hello, it would have to be checked, because if you have a ticket for both draws and the first one has not been awarded, when you check it tells you that you do not have a prize, but it does not tell you that you have a date pending to celebrate.
Good organization
A colleague told me this and it is simple and very comfortable.
The best to make a group of participants. The App does it all and is very easy to use
Of ten
They are great I can only say 10
Very good
It's perfect, you have all the information you need about the games
Recommended and reliable
play play play
I like it a lot😍
The app is very good, but I would like to be able to choose more than one favorite administration, and I would also like in the random mode, that for each different ticket and day, the random would also change just as the administrations change. For example, having three different favorite administrations so you can always play with them in a fixed mode of selecting days, different games and different alloys.
Application to use responsibly
It's time
First prize of €8 hahahaha 👋ole
The best
A wonderful app, thank you
Good app
I love the app, it works perfectly.
Very good and reliable
I recommend it
It is very complete and practical.
Easy convenience and fast.
It's very nice
Great APP
Simple practice
Practical and simple
It's great
Great, recommended
I loved it., and to create fantastic clubs. Easy to use.
I have a group with friends and coworkers and it's going great, and every time we are More hahaha
Very comfortable but it doesn't touch me at all
Very cool
Excellent application.
Easy and intuitive. It's great! 👍
I love it since I don't have to waste time looking for an administration
Before, my tickets always expired, now within a minute I know the result and if my ticket is awarded!!! And what can we say about the groups… It's wonderful not to have to worry about giving your contribution anymore, the App reminds you when you have to recharge and if a participant does not recharge they are out of the game. And when it's time, distribute it proportionally to the members 🥰🥰 I recommend it to everyone
Good app
✌🏻good luck
The app is very good
It's very good, very intuitive
Easy to use
Perfect application, and so far without any problems
Very useful
Everything is easy and safe for me, thank you
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