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Play from your phone Enjoy TuLotero in your phone (iOS, Android and Web) and play Powerball and Mega Millions
Instant rewards Prizes credited to your account right after the drawing
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Good App
Good App to play lotteries
Perfect application
Very comfortable. You no longer have to go to the administration.
Re piola
Eaten, easy
Works very well and fast
Fast and Intuitive
Very useful app to participate at any time and be able to share it
Very practical
And easy to use
It doesn't cause problems, it's fast and it feels safe.
Very comfortable and easy to use, very complete and with very advanced options that save you time and keep you informed, I am delighted with the app
Administration at home
The truth is that this application is a convenience and works perfectly, I recommend it.
Perfect application!!
Super comfortable to use and easy!!
app error,
I've been using it without problems for a long time but since the last update the notifications don't work.
Great for the whole family to play
It's great, it tells you about everything.
Very good
Easy to use very intuitive
I love
I like the application, very useful if you can't go to a store at any given time
Thank you very much for your attention
Thank you very much for your attention Mrs.
My dream is my goal!
It will be like this 🙏🏻
Your lottery
A real discovery!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🍀
weekly game
Very good
The truth is that the application is very simple to use and visually easy to interpret.
Easy to use
Very good App, it informs you about everything, I like it a lot and it is quick and easy for me
Easy and convenient to use
Easy and convenient to use. I got a small prize and it was entered immediately. Totally reliable
Very good
Great application
Now I just need him to touch me! 🤣
Very good application
It is simple and very intuitive, the truth is that it is a success to have downloaded it!!!
Very comfortable
Very easy to use and the convenience of not having to move
From 10
Very good and would be
It works well
Very easy to use and reliable app
Ease and efficiency
Out of series
I like this application more and more, congratulations on the ticket scanner
Very simple application, whenever you want you have the possibility to play.
I love “Your Lotero”
Easy, comfortable
Good app
Comfortable and simple!! Good app
Easy to use and to the point
It fulfills its purpose well, in just a few steps you can participate in the draw from your mobile phone. Perfect
Easy and comfortable
To play the lottery anywhere. Easy and comfortable
Quite an experience
I could never have imagined making a deposit from the couch on a Sunday or in the middle of the night or from abroad, and the next day I found out that I had received €1 and that it had been automatically added to my balance. It couldn't be easier and also super fast because the application works perfectly well, it is super easy to open an account, add balance with the card and play any lottery, wherever you are and at any time you want.
The best
If they made an update with a folder to save tickets that you want to play sometimes it would be a hit.
Very good and agile
It really works perfectly, very good application!!!
Very good. Easy to handle.
Fantastic. I don't give 5 stars because when you give an administration as a favorite, whenever you buy something they give it to you from there and I don't like that since I play randomly. I would like to put favorite administrations and buy from them what I want and when I want, not as they assign it as a fixed point. Otherwise all great. I recommend it 100 x 100.
I really like playing here it's super comfortable
I like it a lot because it is super comfortable and easy
Trusted apps
Enjoying and very convenient for me
Easy and simple
Easy and simple dresser 👍
Comfort, security.
The app gives me security and comfort, I couldn't ask for more...
I love it, if I didn't have it many times I would skip playing. Thank you
Convenience and speed
Very reliable
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