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Texas Two Step’ characteristics and rules 

Playing Texas Two Step is simple: you just need to choose four numbers from 1 to 35 and an extra Bonus Ball, also from 1 to 35. The order of the numbers doesn’t matter. You can try your luck twice a week, and for every draw without a winner, the jackpot grows!

History of Texas Two Step

The first time the Texas Two Step game was held was on May 18, 2001. Since then, the draw has not changed the format of the game. 

The draw’s name comes from the traditional Texas dance, the Country-Western Two-Step, or just Texas Two Step. It is a country-western dance with different variations, well known to Texans.

Texas Two Step days and time

Texas Two Step will allow you to try your luck twice a week, every Monday and Thursday night at 10.12 p.m Central Time. With TuLotero you can play 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (always before the cut-off time). Also, you can subscribe to the draw to never miss a chance to be the next winner!


Participating in Texas Two Step will only cost you $1. If you subscribe to the draw you will be able to automatically play every Monday and Thursday.


This draw is carried out through two drums. From the first one four white balls will be drawn to determine the four winning numbers of the draw. Next, a red ball will be drawn from the second drum to determine the Bonus Ball number. You will be the winner if your combination of four numbers plus the Bonus Ball match those of the draw.

Jackpot and prizes

In Texas Two Step there are seven different ways to win, from a guaranteed $5 by matching just the Bonus Ball number, to its incredible jackpot. The minimum jackpot for this draw is $200,000 which, if there is no winner, the amount will increase in the next draw. In case you have won the jackpot you will be able to claim your prize in a lump-sum payment.

Next you will find the different prizes you can opt for when playing Texas Two Step:

Texas Two Step prize table

Match white balls      Match Bonus Ball      Estimated prize     
4 1 Jackpot*
4 0 $1.501*^
3 1 $50*^
3 0 $20*^
2 1 $20*^
1 1 $7 (guaranteed)
0 1 $5 (guaranteed)

*According to the number of winners, the prize can be divided equally among all the winners on a pari-mutuel basis.

^The prize may be higher or lower than advertised, depending on the total number of winners of the combination.


  • Texas Two Step is the draw with the most jackpot winners in Texas every year!
  • In the first Texas Two Step draw ever, the winning combination was 9-10-13-22 and Bonus Ball 1. The $200,000 jackpot was divided between three winners.
  • The biggest jackpot until this day was given on April 27, 2006, and the value was $2,900,000. The jackpot had been rolling since the February 27, 2006 draw, in which there was no winner. The winning combination was 12-22-24-27 and the prize was divided between three winners.