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Lotto Texas’ characteristics and rules 

Lotto Texas is one of the easiest games to play! You only have to choose six numbers from 54, no matter the order. Besides, the jackpot of this draw will get bigger every time it does not find a winner.

History of Lotto Texas

The first time this draw was held was on November 14, 1992. It was actually the first draw held internally in the state of Texas only, and throughout its history it has distributed more than $39 billion in prizes. 

Originally, the draw was only held on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the jackpot winners only had the option of the thirty annual payments. It was not until 1993 that the option of the lump sum payment was included. The Extra! modality was incorporated in 2013, and the third draw day was included on August 23, 2021.

Ways to play Lotto Texas

  • Extra!: Lotto Texas allows you to increase the value of your prizes up to $10,000. (except the jackpot). This option has the extra cost of just one dollar.

Lotto Texas dates

Lotto Texas draws are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night, at 10:12 p.m Central Time. With TuLotero you can play Lotto Texas anytime before the draw cut-off limit, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. You can also subscribe to the draw to never miss a chance to win the jackpot!


If you want to try your luck with Lotto Texas, it will only cost you one dollar and can make you a millionaire! Also, you can pay an additional dollar for the Extra! option, that can increase your prize up to $10,000.


Each draw night, a machine will extract the six balls with the numbers that make the winning combination. If your numbers match this combination, the jackpot is yours! If there is more than one winner with the same numbers, the jackpot will be splitted between those.

Jackpot and prizes

The Lotto Texas jackpot starts at $5,000,000 and rolls until someone wins. When playing with TuLotero in Texas, the lump-sum Cash Value Option is chosen automatically.

Lotto Texas prize table

Match      Lotto Texas  Lotto Texas + Extra! 
6 of 6 Jackpot* Not Applicable
5 of 6 $2,000*^ base game prize + $10,000     
4 of 6 $50*^ base game prize + $100
3 of 6 $3 (guaranteed)      base game prize + $10
2 of 6 $2 (guaranteed)

* The value of the prize will be split between the total of winners.

^ Prize subject to the number of winners per level (it could be higher or lower)

Fun Facts

  • Joan Ginther, known as “the best player in history”, has won the Lotto Texas draw four times, each time with a prize of more than $2 million dollars. 
  • The biggest jackpot in the history of Lotto Texas was reached in 2003, with a $145 million dollar prize.
  • The first Lotto Texas draw ever held took place on November 14, 1992, with the winning combination 13-16-22-29-32-36 and a $3 million jackpot. Since there was no winner, the jackpot rolled until the November 28th draw, when a lucky winner took home $22 million dollars!